“The Second Longest Day of the Year offers us a poetic landscape that is easily entered but not lightly forgotten. Jean Prokott’s writing is agile. It moves gracefully from a stark wittiness and conversational observations to unforgettable imagery evoking the true palpability of grief. You’ll find yourself pausing between pages to reflect and revel; to mourn or query; to grow and keep going.”
–Sierra DeMulder, author of Today Means Amen

“All the people I know who would have benefited most from Jean Prokott’s witty, beautiful, quirky, and devastating poems are already dead. But I love this book because it brings them back to me, helps me understand them better, and reminds me that ‘no one you love is dead.'”

   –Taylor Mali, author of Late Father and Other Poems and What Teachers Make

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February 2021

“Wry, witty, and raw, Prokott’s distinctive poetry spins from the personal into the public in The Birthday Effect.